2011 September


Seed Thoughts

seedthoughts//Lynette Hagin

In today’s uncertain world, it is easy for us to become worried and concerned about our future. However, during such times it is so important that we look to our Heavenly Father, Who cares for us even more  than we care about ourselves. Fear may have tried to grip you recently as you heard news reports concerning the economic situation and turmoil in the world. In such times you need to  place your trust in the Lord. God has promised, “I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee” (Heb. 13:5).


Around the Pacific Rim in 14 Days

Around the Pacific Rim in 14 Days//Kenneth and Lynette Hagin

Kenneth and Lynette Hagin love greeting their RHEMA Bible Church congregation and visitors after service on Sunday mornings. And even though they needed to get to the airport as soon as possible on April 24, 2011, they wouldn’t miss talking with the people as they left church. So after the last hand was shaken and the last neck was hugged, they quickly made their way to the Tulsa International Airport to begin their tour of the international RHEMA Bible Training Centers along the Pacific Rim.


Search and Rescue in the South Pacific

Search and Rescue//Special Report: International RHEMA

Have you ever read a Bible verse many times and then one day have it change the course of your life? That’s what happened to Kelly and Pattie Duininck. After the Duinincks graduated from RHEMA Bible Training Center in 1992, in the course of time Acts 1:8 came alive to them. They saw themselves in this verse, or more specifically, in the uttermost part of the earth.