Overseas Trips


Go Ye Into All the World. . .

It’s often been said that the sun never sets on a RHEMA graduate preaching the Word of God. What began with 58 RHEMA Bible Training Center graduates in 1975 has grown to tens of thousands of men and women who have graduated from more than 100 RBTC campuses on every inhabited continent and the islands of the South Pacific.

These men and women have been called of God, equipped by His Spirit, and sent forth to set others free. They are committed to carrying the Gospel of Christ, the message of faith, and the power of God to the four corners of the earth.

RHEMA graduates are going to densely populated cities, remote villages, and everywhere in between. Lives are being transformed and the message of Christ is spreading around the world, changing our generation and those to come. The greatest days are ahead as RHEMA graduates strive to fulfill God’s mandate to “go ye . . . .”


Hagin's in Nigeria

rhemanigeria2011The Hagin's were in Africa!

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Around the Pacific Rim in 14 Days

pacificrimtripKenneth and Lynette Hagin quickly slipped out of RHEMA Bible Church Easter Sunday morning. Normally they stand at a door and shake hands with the congregation and visitors as they are leaving church. But on April 24, 2011, the Hagins needed to get to the airport as soon as possible. They were leaving to visit the international RHEMA Bible Training Centers along the Pacific Rim.