2011 April


Seed Thoughts

Seed Thoughts//Lynette Hagin

We live in what I call the microwave age. Everyone wants things to happen in an instant. In fact I even find myself putting a potato in the microwave and becoming impatient if it does not cook thoroughly in five minutes. It used to take an hour to cook a potato, yet I can become impatient with the five minutes.


Three Big Words: Atonement, Remission, Forgiveness

Three Big Words//Timeless Teaching of Kenneth E. Hagin

Have you ever wondered what the three biggest words in the Bible are? People’s ideas differ on this. It depends on what they are studying at the moment and where they are in their lives. But probably no one would disagree that the following words are three of the most important in the Bible.


Infected With The Call To Go

Called to Go

//Keith and Sharon Higginbotham

“It all began with a monkey bite,” Sharon jokingly laughs. “I was about 8 years old. A missionary came to speak at our church, and he brought along a monkey. The preacher’s kid was teasing it. The monkey grabbed my hand and chomped down on my thumb. I’ve often joked that I must have gotten infected with missions, because now I’m a missionary.”


Forget About Yourself and Remember Me

Forget About Self//Craig Hagin

Forget About Yourself...

It’s easy to get caught up in the cares of life. There are bills to pay. Unexpected expenses to take care of. The cost of living is rising. And a shadow of uncertainty hangs over the economy.


Testimony: A Prayer Bear


“To go from being told I wouldn’t be able to play to just being back on the court was amazing.”

It was just another volleyball practice for Kara Weitz. She had done it hundreds of times before. Being a senior in high school and having played volleyball since the fourth grade, she was used to the drills, pep talks, and other ins and outs of a typical practice. But October 1, 2010, turned out not to be a typical practice.