History of the Ministry - History 1979-1994


October 1, 1979—First Session of Prayer and Healing School

Brother Hagin always had a strong desire to help those who suffered in pain and sickness as he once did, and he wanted to provide a place where faith could be taught and ministered to people on a daily basis.

Classes are still ongoing today, with Prayer School, morning and afternoon Healing School, and well-equipped prayer partners are available to pray with people by phone throughout the day.


Each year, Kenneth Hagin Ministries receives hundreds of testimonies telling of victories in the lives of those ministered to through the Prayer and Healing Center.

May 1982—Lynette Hagin Named Director of RHEMA Bible Training Center

May 1983—Kenneth E. Hagin Receives Honorary Doctorate From Oral Roberts University

1985—RHEMA Bible Church Begins

As RHEMA Bible Training Center grew, more and more students were looking for a church to call home. Itinerant teachers and evangelists were looking for a base from which to operate.

The Lord spoke separately to Kenneth E. Hagin and Kenneth W. Hagin about beginning a church with Kenneth W. as pastor. When the two men spoke to one another about it, the Holy Spirit confirmed the step within each of them.



February 28, 1985—Landmark Prophecy for Kenneth W. Hagin

I see something like a light that is covering the entire campus of RHEMA. The dynamics and the movement and the direction of that great thrust of God will come out of this man who is on the platform here [speaking of Kenneth W.] . . . .

God is making and creating and forming and doing all the things that He needs to do for this . . . and many shall come from many directions, and they shall be blessed. Not only students, but others shall be blessed at this place. — Lester Sumrall Prophecy delivered at RHEMA Bible Church.

April 1985—Introduction of RHEMA Ministerial Association International (RMAI)


Established under the direction of Rev. and Mrs. Kenneth W. Hagin, RMAI offers ministerial credentials (licensing and ordination) to qualified RBTC alumni. RMAI was designed to assist and equip ministers to reach their maximum potential and effectiveness.


During a prayer session early in RMAI’s formation, Rev. Kenneth E. Hagin was present and spoke the following prophecy:


Here’s what the Holy Ghost is saying . . . . This is a step in the right direction. For in these last days there is a work that must be done. And it will be done. But the work can be done much more quickly and more effectively with people banding together than with just one individual.


Just as in the natural, if one individual has only so much strength, that’s as far as he can go. But if others join their strength, even in the natural, with his strength, then they’re able to move forward and do much more.