History of the Ministry - History 1974-1979


September 1974—RHEMA Bible Training Center Opens

Under the direction of Kenneth W. Hagin, RHEMA Bible Training Center opened its doors in borrowed facilities at what is now Sheridan Christian Center on Sheridan Road in Tulsa.

“Many times through the years,” Brother Hagin said, “when I left a seminar where I had been teaching on faith, I’d cry all the way back to my hotel room. ‘Oh God,’ I’d say, ‘the world ought to hear this message. It’s not my message—it’s the Word of God. We’ve got to get it out somehow!’ It seemed like it was fire burning inside of me. I knew we had to get this message out, but I didn’t know how we were going to do it. But when the Lord led me to begin a training center, God’s plan became clear.”

December 2, 1974—First Mention of the Prayer and Healing Center

“I saw it in the Spirit—that He wants us to have right here in Tulsa a healing—a prayer—no, put prayer first—a prayer and healing center where people can come . . . . We’ll go out to some of them, but some of them need to come and stay until they do get healed.” —Rev. Kenneth E. Hagin

July 1976—RBTC moves to Broken Arrow


After RBTC began, the needs of the ministry quickly outgrew its facilities on North Utica Street in Tulsa. At the Lord’s direction, Brother Hagin purchased two buildings and 55 acres in Broken Arrow. The two original buildings are now the Administration Building and part of Rooker Memorial Auditorium. Another 55 acres would be added later to provide plenty of land for expansion.


May 1979—‘What Is That Sound?’ Prophecy Given at Graduation

RHEMA Bible Training Center’s purpose has been clear from the start. But it was dramatically emphasized in a prophecy given through Brother Hagin during the 1979 graduation ceremony in Tulsa. Here is an excerpt:


What is that sound? What is that sound that I hear?

It’s the sound of many feet—it’s the sound of beautiful feet.

It’s the sound of feet going forth with the good news.

Who are these that make this sound of tramp, tramp, tramp, as they go tramping along.

Who are these?

Yea, they are those chosen of the Lord, called of God, equipped by His Spirit . . . .

Yea, they are those who do know their God.

They are those who do know His Word.

They are those who know the mighty Name—

The Name that’s above every name, the Name of Jesus. . . .

Yea, they are those with the message of deliverance—

The message of healing, the message of victory, the message of God.

Who are these and from whence have they come?

Where are they going?

Yea, they come from the very bosom of the Father—from the right hand of God.

For their Master, even the Lord Himself, as He ascended on High,

Gave gifts unto men.

And He gave some, apostles; and some, prophets; and some, evangelists; and some, pastors and teachers.

They come from the very Throne of God—from the right hand of authority.

Where are they going?

They’re going to the uttermost parts of the earth.

They’re going where an empty hand is reaching out for help.

They’re going where there is a hungry cry—

Hungry for the bread of this life and for the true Bread of life—

Where he’s crying out for help.

They’re going around the world to tell the story, to proclaim the message,

To do the work that God called them to do.