History of the Ministry - History 1965-1973

January 1966—Kenneth W. Hagin Enters Ministry

While managing the home office of the Kenneth E. Hagin Evangelistic Association, Kenneth W. Hagin assisted his father-in-law, Rev. V.E. Tipton, who pastored Southside Assembly of God in Garland, Texas.




May 1966—Tape Ministry Begins

For the first time, Rev. Hagin made sermon recordings available for purchase. Of course, they were available in both 5- and 7-inch reel-to-reel formats!

September 1966—The Ministry Moves to Tulsa, Oklahoma

Following the Lord’s direction and guidance, Kenneth E. Hagin Evangelistic Association moved its offices to 1029 North Utica in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The building had been previously occupied by the ministry of T.L. Osborn, a healing evangelist, missionary, and contemporary of Brother Hagin’s. For a brief time after the move, Kenneth E. and his wife, Oretha, lived in the upstairs portion of the building.


November 14, 1966—First Radio Broadcast

In a letter to his partners, Brother Hagin wrote:

We began our radio broadcast on Station KSKY, Dallas, Texas, on the 14th of November. I believe this new outreach of the ministry will be a blessing to our many friends in that area, and that it will also cause many new friends to want to share in our ministry . . . and most important, help them grow in faith, and in the knowledge of the Word of God.


June 1967—Kenneth W. Hagin Ordained

His ordination took place at Austin, Texas, through the North Texas District Council of the Assemblies of God. After ordination, Kenneth W. returned to Garland, Texas, to serve as associate pastor under Rev. V.E. Tipton, his father-in-law, at Southside Assembly of God.



April 1968—The Word of Faith Magazine First Published

The premiere issue of The Word of Faith was mailed to 200 people whom Brother Hagin and Mrs. Oretha knew personally.

July 22–29, 1973—First Campmeeting

Held at Sheridan Christian Assembly in Tulsa. Campmeeting speakers included Rev. Kenneth E. Hagin, Rev. Roy Hicks, and Rev. and Mrs. J.R. Goodwin, with music by Vicki Jamison and Sharon Bell.

During this Campmeeting, under the unction of the Holy Spirit, Rev. Hagin said, “We’re going to start a Bible training center.” He wasn’t even aware he had made such an announcement and had to listen to the tape to hear it for himself.