History of the Ministry - History 1949-1965


February 1949—Kenneth E. Hagin enters the field ministry

In June of 1946, the Lord sent Kenneth to pastor a church in Van, Texas, telling him that it would be the last church he would pastor. His first sermon as a traveling minister was at a church in Sachse, Texas, pastored by Rev. V.E. Tipton, whose daughter, Lynette, later married Kenneth’s son, Kenneth Wayne Hagin.

When Rev. Hagin entered the field ministry, his teaching gift was a needed complement to the healing revival of 1947–1958. He later said that his gift of teaching helped bring stability to what people received in healing meetings. “If people are going to maintain what they get from God, they’re going to have to possess it by faith,” he said, “and that’s the only way they’re going to hold on to it.” The more he taught on faith, Rev. Hagin said, the more people were able to stay healed.

May 1950—Kenneth E. Hagin told to ‘Go Teach My People Faith’

While ministering in Houston, Texas, Kenneth heard an audible voice from God saying, “Go teach My people faith! I have taught you faith through My Word. I have permitted you to go through certain experiences, and you have learned faith, both through my Word and by experience. Now, go teach My people what I have taught you.” From that time on, Kenneth had an increased determination to teach faith in God’s Word.



January 23, 1963—Kenneth E. Hagin Evangelistic Association Incorporated

Chartered with headquarters in Garland, Texas. Its stated purpose: “To promote the cause of the Christian Religion by engaging in evangelistic and missionary work.” Appearing at the bottom of the association’s first stationery were the words “A Ministry of Revelation.”



December 30, 1965—Kenneth W. Hagin and Lynette Tipton Married

While Kenneth W. Hagin was serving in the military overseas, Lynette began to write to him. (Their families had been friends for many years.) She even sent him a picture of herself. They began frequent correspondence.

Six months later, his term of service came to a close, and he returned to the States. His father had been holding meetings in California where Kenneth W. was due to arrive. When he came through the Oakland Army Terminal, his dad asked him, “Well, son, what do you want to do?” Clutching Lynette’s picture in his hand, he responded without hesitation, “I want to go home.” Canceling plans to do some sightseeing in California, the Hagins drove straight to Garland, Texas.


As Lynette opened the front door, Kenneth W. swung open the screen door, grabbed her, and gave her a big kiss! And the rest is history.