History of the Ministry - History 1934-1943

August 8, 1934—Kenneth E. Hagin raised from the bed of sickness

After receiving a divine revelation of faith, Kenneth knew he had been healed. The Holy Spirit said to him, “If you are healed, then you should be up and out of that bed.”

With the devil fighting him every step of the way, Kenneth began to proclaim that he was healed and that he would stand and walk. He slowly struggled to a standing position, grasping the post of the bed that had held him for 16 long months.


At first he was dizzy. Then feeling started returning to his legs. “It was like two million pins pricking me,” Kenneth said. Soon the pain subsided and he began to walk around his room. He told no one about this but did it again the following morning.

The next morning, Kenneth got out of bed, dressed himself, and, to his family’s amazement, joined them at the breakfast table.

August 16, 1936—Kenneth E. Hagin preached his first sermon as a pastor in Roland, Texas

Kenneth was eager to share the Gospel with anyone who would listen, preaching whenever and wherever he had the opportunity. He used to say, “I’ll preach from the Red River to the Gulf of Mexico, telling everywhere I go that Jesus saves, heals, and is coming again.

And I’ll preach it from the Louisiana border to the New Mexico state line.” (At that time he thought covering Texas would be covering a lot of ground!) In 1937, Rev. Earl Rogers re-opened a little community church in Roland, Texas and asked Kenneth to take over the pastorate. Kenneth accepted. Over the next 12 years, Kenneth pastored churches in the Texas towns of Tom Bean, Farmersville, Talco, Greggton, and Van.

November 25, 1938—Kenneth E. Hagin married Lois Oretha Rooker

In the words of Mrs. Oretha Hagin: In early summer of 1938, while I was away visiting my aunt, a new pastor for this Pentecostal church [in Tom Bean, Texas] arrived. His name was Kenneth E. Hagin.

When I got back from my visit, naturally I heard a lot about the new minister. My girlfriend, Mary Jo, and I decided to get a peek for ourselves through the church window before the service. I took first peek. He was standing in the pulpit. And he was so handsome! I told Mary Jo, “He’s mine if I never get him.”

The first dates of our summer courtship took place in Sherman, Texas, the nearest town of any size. Everybody went to town on Saturdays in those days. Kenneth would ride into town with the family he was staying with—I would ride into town with my family. We would meet at the drugstore. And there, over pimento cheese sandwiches and malted milks at the back corner table, we first got to know each other.



September 3, 1939—Kenneth Wayne Hagin born

On Sepetember 3, 1939, Oretha gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. They named the child Kenneth Wayne Hagin. For years he would be known as Kenneth Hagin, Jr. 

March 27, 1941—Patsy Guylene Hagin born

In Mrs.Oretha Hagin's own words: The Lord gave us two lovely children, Ken and Patsy. When Ken was born, my husband wasn’t there. But as soon as he saw the baby, he took him ever so gently in his hands and gave him to the Lord. He did the same thing with Patsy just 19 months later.



June 1943—Kenneth E. Hagin received the gift to teach

While walking across the floor of the parsonage in Farmersville, Texas, Kenneth felt something drop down inside of him. “It just clicked down on the inside of me like a coin drops inside a pay phone,” Brother Hagin later recalled.

“The anointing to teach had dropped inside of me.” To prove this gift out, he began to hold Wednesday afternoon teaching meetings. These meetings were so successful that people began to arrange their work schedules in order to attend.