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Upcoming Events

UpcomingEvents KTF2020  

Kindle The Flame
September 24-26, 2020

Upcoming CTA2020  

A Call to Arms
November 5-6, 2020

Nine New MP3s Available for Download!

The Love Walk Mp3Available Exclusively from KHM!

Looking for MP3s that will encourage you and strengthen your faith? Then visit www.rhema.org/store and download any or all of the nine messages and series that we have made available exclusively in MP3 format. These titles from Kenneth W. Hagin and Kenneth E. Hagin can be found only in our online store.

Single Messages

A Place Called There by Kenneth W. Hagin
Walking With God by Kenneth W. Hagin
The Love Walk by Kenneth E. Hagin
Healing Faith by Kenneth E. Hagin
Your Individual Prayer Life by Kenneth E. Hagin

Two-Part Series

Decisions Determine Destiny by Kenneth W. Hagin
It’s Your Move! by Kenneth W. Hagin
How You Can Know the Will of God by Kenneth E. Hagin
In Him by Kenneth E. Hagin

Visit our online store and download today!