Heart To Heart

Kenneth W. HaginBy Kenneth W. Hagin

Families are important to God. God established marriage and the family long before He instituted the Church or government. And except for our relationship with Him, our family should become our most important priority.

The family unit has always been a target of the Devil. That is why one of my foremost goals is to help people understand how to protect their families from the Enemy’s strategies. The Devil knows a divided house cannot stand, so he’ll do everything he can to cause division in the home. It is very important to keep our guard up in this area.

When problems arise between a husband and wife, I remind the couple that this is a devil problem. Instead of blaming your spouse for the difficulty that has arisen in your marriage, take authority over the source of the problem—the Enemy.

Communication is the key to a healthy marriage. Work out your disagreements by assertively communicating your feelings. Always use “I” words rather than “you” words. Accept responsibility for your own shortcomings. True love requires action. Although feelings are a vital part of marriage, love is something you do.

It is also very important that we don’t neglect our children. Because we live in a busy world with many demands on our time and energy, we must make a conscious effort to make sure that we meet our children’s needs.

One of the most important needs our children have is to know they are loved unconditionally. Children will not always act perfectly or make right decisions. They need to know that their home is a place of safety, and that their parents will help them overcome any challenge they face.

Make sure that your home is filled with a godly atmosphere. Teach your children the importance of being faithful to church. Matthew 6:33 was the cornerstone of our home: “But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.”

Trust and love are developed through relationships. And relationships are built as we spend time with one another. So before the new school year begins, take some time with your family and do something fun that everyone can enjoy together.

It doesn’t have to be an elaborate vacation. There might be an amusement park, zoo, or aquarium nearby. Hold a family meeting and let the kids have input about where to go, or even let them decide. Be spontaneous and just have fun. You’ll make memories that will last a lifetime.

Nowadays, many homes are places where family members pass one another as they change clothes, eat, and sleep. But let’s determine to make our home life the very best it can be. As we do, our marriages and families will grow stronger.