Passion Revived at Summer Blitz

Revive logoAt times it’s good to get away and be revived—even as a teenager. And that’s exactly what nearly 500 youth did at Summer Blitz, AXIS® Youth Ministries’ annual event held in conjunction with Campmeeting 2009. During the five-day event, there were five first-time salvations, 59 rededications, and 31 young people filled with the Holy Spirit. Those results seemed fitting to the event’s theme: Revive.

Brent Bailey and Keith Nachbor, RHEMA Bible Church’s Senior and Junior High Youth Pastors, hosted the event on the RHEMA campus in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. They and the guest speakers delivered stirring messages that challenged the teenagers not only to strengthen their relationship with God, but also to share their faith with others—a challenge that many in attendance accepted!

During the Monday night service, Nachbor told the teens that living for God is all or nothing. “You can’t give a tithe of your life to God,” he said. “You can’t live for Him 10 percent of the time and do whatever you want the other 90 percent.” At the conclusion of his message, teenagers poured down to the altar to rededicate their lives to Christ.

Bailey’s message Thursday evening was titled, “I got that.” He encouraged everyone in attendance that every promise in God’s Word belongs to them. “If you’re sick, God’s Word says you are healed by the stripes of Jesus,” he said. “If you need peace, the Bible says you can have the peace of God which surpasses all understanding. If it’s in the Word, it’s yours!”

On Friday the youth enjoyed a day-long trip to an area water park. That night, The AXIS Worship Band and Generation Unleashed wrapped up the week with a high-energy concert.

The week’s events were best summed up by one of the youth who attended. “Summer Blitz was amazing like always,” said Lindsey, a 14-year-old from Wisconsin who was enjoying her third Summer Blitz. “I think the Revive theme was perfect. It fit into my life in a lot of ways. It brought me a whole new passion.”

Jeff BardelJeff Bardel shared his story about losing his right arm in an industrial accident at the age of 18. He recalled the anger, bitterness, and depression that followed and related how he found new life in Christ while in college. When Bardel finished speaking, several youth responded to the call to begin a new life in Christ.

David VasquezDavid Vasquez ministered on “The Disease to Please.” He listed three characteristics of people pleasers: 1) They take criticism personally; 2) They are afraid of rejection; and 3) They have a hard time saying no. He said, “You are to be conformed to the image of Christ, not to the opinion of people.”

Doug LasitDoug Lasit compelled the youth to be a voice in their generation. Using Romans 10:14–15 as his text, he encouraged them to be disciples, to serve, and to love the lost. After his message, he had the youth gather in groups and pray for each other—praying specifically that God would use them as evangelists to reach their generation with the Good News.

Aaron HankinsAaron Hankins ministered on the power of the Holy Spirit and the importance of being filled with the things of God. “God wants you to be filled with Him, His Spirit, His Presence,” he said. “You’re not meant to live full of the things of the world.” He then prayed individually with each person to be filled with the fire of God, after which the entire auditorium full of people erupted in exuberant praise to Him.