GraduationRHEMA has invested more than 30 years in creating the best place for you to prepare for fulfilling your purpose. The balanced, Word-based teaching will spare you years of trial and error in ministry.

First Year

The first year builds a solid foundation with an in-depth study of such topics as faith, healing, prayer, righteousness, evangelism, and theology—and practical subjects including raising a family in ministry, and financial planning.

Second Year

The second year propels you into your purpose with advanced biblical study and intensive course work in an area of your choice: Youth or Children’s Ministry, Evangelism, Pastors, Missions, or Supportive Ministry.

RHEMA supplements the classroom experience with hands-on training and a steady flow of guest speakers from around the world.

And when you graduate from RHEMA, we are here to help launch you into your ministry. Our alumni services can help counsel you and help you get placed in the ministry through our career database that includes thousands of opportunities in all areas of ministry.