General Extended Studies

Students General Extended Studies

There are many reasons a RHEMA graduate would elect to attend a third year. Because students in the second-year program must choose one area in which to specialize, they are only able to take 24 of the nearly 70 available second-year classes. Attending a third year allows the student to design their own program and take many courses that could not be taken during the second year.

Also, new courses are developed and offered from year to year. This means that students attending a third year are also able to select classes that were not available in earlier years.

For example, recently added courses to the curriculum include:


Disciplines of the Christian Life

Christian Apologetics and World Religion

History and Methods of Evangelism

Principles of Leadership

Preaching With Relevance

The Traveling Ministry

Church Growth Dynamics

Legal and Business Issues in Ministry

The flexibility of the third-year program allows students to enroll in the first- or second-year classes of their choice. Students are not restricted to courses pertaining to a particular group. Students completing the third-year General Extended Studies Program also receive their own distinctive diploma.