School of Worship

School of WorshipRHEMA School of Worship

This program is designed for singers who believe they are called to the music ministry and who desire to learn the musical, technical, and organizational skills of a worship leader. Graduates of this program will be well-equipped to take their places as worship leaders across the country and around the world. Students will receive practical, useful, relevant instruction along with the rich biblical insights into the various areas of praise and worship. Learning to flow with God’s Spirit will be emphasized, along with a concentration on the development of each student’s musical talents, leadership skills, and teamwork. Students will receive significant hands-on training in a comprehensive music environment and will have access to ministerial placement opportunities upon graduation.

An entrance evaluation and vocal audition will be required of each applicant for acceptance into the program.

The proficiency exam and auditions for the Worship School are typically held at the beginning of April, and all applications must be submitted by the end of June to be included for the following school year.

The curriculum is based on the need of and the expectations for worship leaders.

Some courses will include:

The Heart of a Worshipper

Music Theory I–IV

Ear Training I–IV

Piano/Voice Training I–IV

Understanding a Rhythm Section

Music Technology

Practical Worship Skills

Audio Basics

The program will also provide students with extensive practical experience.