Campmeeting 50: A Celebration of Legacy


It was a celebration of 50 years of history at Campmeeting 50! Speakers ministered the Word powerfully, resulting in healings, fresh anointings, and new beginnings for many.

Campmeeting: Then and Now aired on the big screen Thursday evening. The 50-minute video contained clips of Brother Hagin from early Campmeetings through 2003 and commentary from Kenneth and Lynette Hagin and others.

From Rhema Kids to Summer Blitz to the adult services, the Spirit of God touched everyone who attended.

Mark your calendars for Campmeeting 2023—July 23-28!

Speaker Highlights

"The solutions you are looking for are in the unseen realm. Impossibilities become possibilities because of where you look." // Kenneth W. Hagin

"If you start praising God, suddenly doors that have been long shut will open just like that! Start praising God in the midst of your circumstances." // Lynette Hagin

"Some people want to live in the past. But we need to move to the future, realizing that God is not through with us yet. Your time is not over." // Craig W. Hagin

"If you lack something, find someone who's good in that area. Peter wouldn't have walked on water if he hadn't been hanging around a Water-Walker." // Mark Boer

"The greatest challenge to our faith is fear. It is designed to overwhelm your mind and emotions. Fear limits your faith." // Charles Cowan

"There's something bigger than a millionaire, billionaire, or a trillionaire—it's a dominionaire. When you know you're a dominionaire, the authority of the believer goes to another level." // Earl Glisson

"The moment you make Jesus the Lord of your life, you're in Christ. Your spirit is joined to Christ. That's how you receive everything from God." // Mark Hankins

"We have to stay full of the Spirit. How are we going to walk in power and endure when the enemy comes in like a flood? By the power of the Holy Spirit." // Darrell Huffman

"What if everything you need already exists? What if all the breaks and resources you need are already in front of you. They're just waiting for you to grab them." // Tommy Pickens III

"God's mode of operation is to speak, and it comes to pass. We who are made in His image are supposed to follow that same model. If you don't doubt or waver, you will have what you say." // Fred Price Jr.

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