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Winter Bible Seminar — Wrap Up

Article WBS WrapUP

The Wednesday-through-Friday services at Winter Bible Seminar provided a strong ending to a dynamic week!

Pastor Kenneth W. Hagin continued to teach about the role of angels in our lives. According to the Bible, they are ministering spirits to us that have received salvation. They are here to help and protect us, even if we don't see them.

On Thursday night, Pastor Hagin had a special message for the Rhema Family: Don't underestimate the value of faith! Whenever you preach, make sure to preach all the subjects in the Bible, with faith as your foundation.

During the rest of the 10:30 morning services, Rev. Lynette Hagin taught further in depth about living consecrated lives unto God. She gave three keys to revival: Repentance, prayer, and commitment. She encouraged attendees to walk in love and forgiveness with one another.

Those attending also heard uplifting messages from the RBTC USA instructors. During the 8:30 and 9:30 morning sessions, the speakers taught on strengthening our faith, how to have peace in the storms of life, and many other encouraging topics.

Friday night, Pastor Hagin closed out Winter Bible Seminar 2018 with a powerful healing service. He taught those present how to receive healing, then laid hands on all the people who came forward. Many were healed!

Check out a little piece of WBS 2018:

"God's healing power is present all the time! You gotta learn how to activate it." //Kenneth W. Hagin

"In life, you'll have opportunities every day to practice forgiveness." //Lynette Hagin

"Before you start a pity party, let the Word of God arise in your heart!" //Craig Hagin

"The systematic set discourse of God's Word from our lips form the building blocks of the life of faith." //Tad Gregurich

"Opposition is not an indicator of the will of God." //Tony McKinnon

"God has a blueprint. When God made you, He made you with a blueprint of purpose." //Dan Taylor



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