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8 FebMar2018 CTAReviewKenneth W. Hagin opened A Call to Arms Men's Conference with a strong exhortation for men to see themselves as champions. It was a powerful time of bonding, brotherhood, and breakthrough. For three days in November, men listened to messages on their identity in Christ, the power of praise and humility, and enduring to the end. The weak left strong, the sick left healed, and men were transformed from the inside out. They were equipped and empowered to be everything God called them to be in today's world. Mark your calendars for A Call to Arms 2018, November 1–3.



The devil tries to challenge us on our identity as men and who we are in Christ. If he is successful in doing this, Satan has inroads into our lives. We must be willing to fight for our identity and for what belongs to us. Ephesians 6:13 (NKJV) says, "Therefore take up the whole armor of God, that you may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand."

If we're going to win against the devil, we have to be fighters. Some men may not be a natural fighter. But God will help them. Everybody likes a great victory, but there is never a great victory without a great battle. Jesus faced a tremendous battle when He went to the cross and redeemed mankind from the enemy. He triumphed over all the power of the enemy. Jesus was the last man standing, and His victory is our victory.

We have to realize who we are and fight to be the men God designed us to be. He created us to be absolutely amazing individuals. We are reflections of Him on the earth. We are God's masterpieces. We are men of God. We are in Christ. We are more than conquerors through Jesus.



Paul and Silas were arrested and beaten for preaching the Gospel. Their backs were bleeding, and they were thrown in the innermost prison and chained to the wall. At that point, these two New Testament saints were faced with a choice—either quit or preserve. They chose to endure and began singing praises to God. As a result, their chains were broken and God delivered them.

Whenever we're in a battle, we need to follow Paul and Silas' example and lift up our voices in praise to God. As we do, chains will be broken, doors will open, and a way of escape will be made. God will shine a light on our paths and deliver us. But we have to endure. If we don't endure, we can't win.


Kenneth W. Hagin was both moderator and panelist at the first A Call to Arms Men's Conference panel discussion. The panel also featured Craig W. Hagin, David Crammer, Marcus Martinez, and Steve Yoder. During the 90 minutes of Q & A, the panelists imparted words of wisdom and good advice to the conference participants. The men talked honestly and directly about loving your wife, purity, managing finances, and balancing family, marriage, and ministry. Other topics included spiritual leadership in the home, overcoming addiction, good communication with your spouse, and dating.

"It doesn't matter what place you're in, God has a plan for you. There's nothing you have done that has gone so far that God can't reach you. There is hope. Don't let the enemy lie to you. Set your eyes like flint to finish the race God called you to. He is building champions, and champions get back up. Embrace your identity in Christ. Take off the mask and be who God called you to be." // MARCUS MARTINEZ

"We need to humble ourselves to be able to honor. Walking in honor has a lot to do with our attitude and posture in the way we handle relationships. It's impossible to walk in love without honor and respect! We humble ourselves, not other people. Satan will tempt us with pride. But by humbling ourselves, God will keep us on top!" // STEVE YODER

"I don't care what the devil has stolen from you or how bad it was. Today is a new day. You're in charge of your destiny . . . but it's up to you. Don't wait for someone to be your cheerleader to worship God. You worship God and watch the difference He will make in your life. To be the last man standing, you have to have the presence of God." // DAVID CRAMMER

"With so much going on in my life, Call to Arms has been a refreshing that I needed." —Dusty

"I'm taking this home and being the man in the home that I'm supposed to be. I'm encouraged and excited as a husband and father for what's coming in my household for my wife and daughters." —John

"Being at Call to Arms as an usher has been one of the greatest experiences of my life. Learning leadership while serving and being able to see men touched by the revelation that God imparted has transformed my life." —Danny

"This meeting has definitely had a profound impact on my life to the point of seeing myself the way that God sees me and acting as such. I'm thankful for the opportunity to have been a part of it." —Daniel