Celebrating America's Freedom


// Rockets Over Rhema 2015

Tim and Doria Custer from Tulsa drove across town to attend Rockets Over Rhema. The couple arrived hours early to find the perfect patch of grass from which they could watch the beautiful fireworks display light up the night. For them, Rockets Over Rhema means time spent together enjoying food, fellowship, and Christian music, and celebrating America's freedom.

"It's just a great venue for everybody," shared Tim. "The joy—the celebration. It is a day of enjoyment."

The patriotic celebration—held Sunday, June 28, at Rhema Bible Church in Broken Arrow—kicked off indoors with the musical Liberty High, staged in the church auditorium. The audience laughed and toe-tapped along with the singing and dancing as they followed a new student around a high school. His "teachers" included Benjamin Franklin, Martin Luther King Jr., and Davy Crockett. The student learned about America's achievements and the true meaning of freedom—including the spiritual freedom purchased for us by Jesus Christ.

The joy continued outdoors at 6 p.m. with plenty of inflatable games for the children. Kids zoomed excitedly through the "Rat Race," took their best shot at a basketball hoop, and found their way around a large maze. Some got their faces painted and received glitter tattoos.

In perfect late-June weather, thousands of friends and families chatted and laughed under a beautiful blue sky. "It's a good time for family and friends, and to see people that you see in church that you may not know and say hi," shared Garnet Nowell, a Broken Arrow resident and Rhema Bible Church member.

The wonderful sound of worship music echoed from an outdoor stage. Musicians included Christian artists Lacey, Jillian Edwards, The Neverclaim, and Synergy Band. Each performer brought energy to the evening and lifted up the Name of Jesus.

There was something for everyone! Hundreds strolled through a car show featuring antique vehicles, custom-built hot rods, and race cars. And there was plenty of delicious food, with the smell of grilled hamburgers, sizzling hot dogs, and sweet funnel cakes filling the air.

Bryan Bennett, owner of Backstreet BBQ Burgers, was one of the food vendors at the event. Bryan has seen many other firework shows. But having the patriotic celebration in his own community and being a part of it, he said, is pretty special. "It's neat to be in my own backyard, in my own city, being able to do this," he shared.

Finally at dusk, it was fireworks time. With campus lights turned off, the rockets blasted and boomed through the night sky, creating dazzling arcs and umbrellas of sparkling color. The 20-minute, eye-popping barrage brought plenty of oohs and aahs. As the deafening grand finale concluded, the crowd broke into applause. Once again, Rockets Over Rhema proved to be a great time for all.