Crisscrossing the Globe


Rhema Haiti Graduation
Charter class graduations are always exciting. Rhema Haiti's first commencement was especially touching. On November 1, 2012—less than two years after a devastating 7.0 earthquake struck this island nation—Rhema Haiti opened its doors. It may not have seemed like a good time to start a Bible school. Much of Haiti's capital city, Port-au-Prince, looked as though recovery had barely started.

But to the men and women who came to study at Rhema's sixth French-speaking campus, this was an opportunity to learn spiritual truths. And those truths would change the course of their impoverished nation. Many Rhema Haiti students were full-time pastors when they enrolled. And they didn't wait for graduation to share what they were learning in class. They immediately began teaching their hope-deprived congregations truths about healing, God's will for prosperity, and our authority in Christ.

In May, 274 on-fire Rhema Haiti graduates proudly walked across a stage in Port-au-Prince to receive diplomas from Kenneth and Lynette Hagin. These men and women have been equipped with the Word of God to impact and bring restoration to their people. "Everywhere we've been," points out Kenneth Hagin, "a Rhema school has not only influenced the religious part of a nation—it's also impacted the culture and the entire nation."

Armed with the knowledge of their authority in Christ, these grads have been breaking the power of voodoo that has been so prevalent in Haiti. Today, a change in the spiritual atmosphere can be felt.

Some Rhema Haiti graduates have set their sights beyond their homeland. They're headed to one of the 29 nations where French is the official language.

Faith! The Conference // Oslo, Norway
After returning from Haiti, the Hagins were home for less than 24 hours before leaving to hold a Living Faith Crusade in Wright City, Missouri, northwest of St. Louis. Once back, they immediately got ready to preside over Rhema USA's 41st graduation. They only had a brief stay in the U.S. before repacking their bags and heading out again—this time to Oslo, Norway. There they spoke at Faith! The Conference, dubbed Europe's first campmeeting.

Held Wednesday through Friday, May 27 through 29, the gathering proved to be an amazing time of worship, preaching, and fellowship. Rhema grads and other believers from across Europe and Africa and as far away as the U.S. descended on Norway. Those who attended were refreshed and recharged for their work in the harvest fields.

Going Down Under
Then, early in June, Kenneth, Lynette, and crew boarded the Rhema aircraft and flew across the Pacific Ocean to Brisbane, Australia. The 8,000-mile flight took 19 hours. In Brisbane they ministered to excited congregations in three Sunday services at Rhema Family Church. The pastors, Tony and Patsy Cameneti, are also the directors of Rhema Australia.

Why would the Hagins fly so far for just one day of ministry? Kenneth and Lynette firmly believe in maintaining connections with every Rhema church and campus, no matter its location on the globe. And it means a lot to the international Rhema alumni and partners when the Hagins stop in for a visit!

Rhema South Pacific
Apia, Samoa—home of Rhema South Pacific—is a five-hour flight from Australia. Arriving from Brisbane, Kenneth and Lynette ministered for nearly a week at The Word of Faith Seminar on this beautiful tropical island. Kenneth poured into those present an "I cannot be defeated and I will not quit" attitude. Lynette helped them realize that they can do everything God asks of them, for nothing is impossible with Him!

Rhema is a worldwide network of schools, students, alumni, and partners. And the Hagins' international trips help strengthen that network. Kenneth and
Lynette spend long hours in the air and cross many time zones. But the encouragement their visits give the extended Rhema family are worth the effort.

Rhema Dubai
Craig Hagin and Joe Hernandez, a 1993 Rhema USA grad, spent three days in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, at the end of April. They were welcomed with open arms at a pastors conference, where they announced the start of Rhema Dubai.

Many of the pastors shared how the books of Craig's late grandfather, Kenneth E. Hagin, influenced their lives. One pastor credited his book, The Name of Jesus with helping him grow his congregation of five to a church of 10,000 members over 24-year period.

Rhema Hong Kong
At the end of May, Craig flew to Hong Kong to speak at the first graduation of Rhema Hong Kong. Craig first visited this busy city as a teenager. When Kenneth E. Hagin ministered there 30 years ago, no one had any idea that Rhema would have more than 212 campuses in 49 nations, including China. The growth is an ongoing fulfillment of the "Tramp, Tramp, Tramp" prophecy given by Brother Hagin at Rhema USA's 1979 graduation.

Will you touch the world?
Though they may never leave the shores of this country, Rhema Word Partners help sow the Word of healing into the lives of people around the world. Their monthly gifts make it possible for countless Rhema graduates to take God's message of faith and hope to every generation.