'My God Can Do Anything'


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The Lord saves us because He loves us, but He also wants us to share His light with others. Just after graduating in 2000 from Rhema Bible Training College, Lana Vasquez moved to Southeast Asia and eventually began rescuing children being sold into prostitution or slavery.

Joy*, then 9, was the first child Lana rescued. She and her four siblings had been supporting their mother by begging. As an older child, Joy wasn't bringing in as much, and her mother had agreed to sell her to human traffickers for 16 U.S. dollars.

Lana negotiated with Joy's mother and rescued the youngster for 24 U.S. dollars.

Joy, now 15, has been living out of harm's way in one of Lana's safe houses. Her four siblings are also living under Lana's roof. As each child got older and no longer brought in enough money from begging, Joy's mother would sell them to the highest bidder. With no more children to beg, the mother went into drug trafficking. She was eventually arrested and imprisoned.

Another young lady who'd grown up under Lana's care had a vision of taking the Gospel to a women's prison on the Thai/Myanmar border. At Christmas this young lady, Joy, and 11 other rescued teens from Life Impact International, Lana's ministry, went to the prison.
The girls performed a drama about the birth of Jesus and sang songs about His blood that washes away sin.

The teenager who set this ministry opportunity in motion with her vision boldly shared her testimony. She then asked the inmates if they would like Jesus to change their lives. Hands went up everywhere.

As it turned out, Joy's mother was in this prison. And after the ministry time, Joy had an opportunity to talk with her.

"Your grandmother is going to be mad," Joy's mom said. (The grandmother is Muslim.)

"I will fly to Malaysia and tell her why I love this God I serve so much," Joy responded. "I will ask her to love Him too."

"How in the world are you going to go to Malaysia?"

"My God can do anything," Joy boldly declared. "Nothing is impossible for Him!"

Joy is no longer the scared little girl Lana rescued. She has been changed. And she is changing her family!

Lana has rescued more than 145 children from the horrors of slavery, prostitution, and exploitation. In
addition to her work with children, she also preaches the Gospel to rebel soldiers, villagers, and displaced people. Over 54,000 men, women, and children have escaped the flames of hell in the past 14 years through her ministry.

*Joy's name has been changed for her safety.

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Romans 4:20 (NIV) says that Abraham “did not waver through unbelief regarding the promise of God.” Many years ago my father, Kenneth E. Hagin, wrote in the flyleaf of his Bible, “God said it; I believe it; and that settles it.” Abraham had this same attitude, and we need to grab hold of it too. No matter how bad our situation looks, our victory is found in God’s promises and in never letting go of what our Heavenly Father has said.
Don’t Be Double-Minded
Often today believers affirm their faith publicly, but when they are by themselves, they begin to question God. They wonder if He can really help them. The moment they start doubting, they begin wavering in their faith.
The Bible is very clear about the danger of wavering.
James 1:6–7 (NIV)
6 When you ask, you must believe and not doubt, because the one who doubts is like a wave of the sea, blown and tossed by the wind.
7 That person should not expect to receive anything from the Lord.
Faith does not look at circumstances, and it doesn’t regard feelings. It stays completely focused on God’s Word. Unfortunately, some people allow their situations and feelings to “speak” louder than Scripture.
Some people lose their healing because they stop looking at the Word and focus on what’s going on in their body. It’s dangerous to do this, because before long they will start talking wrong. They’ll begin to say things like, “I thought I was healed. I guess I lost my healing.”
When we start talking like that, we throw out our healing and open the door for the devil and all of his junk to come back in. If we would just stand strong on the Word, every symptom would leave.
Look to the Word
Anytime the enemy bombards your mind with his lies, you must counter those lies with the Word of God. When lack rears its ugly head, read what God said about prosperity. When sickness impacts your body, meditate on healing scriptures. When fear invades your life, find peace scriptures to read. When impossibilities stare you in the face, the Word holds your answer.
Reading God’s promises keeps us focused on them instead of on the distractions that are sent to prevent us from receiving what God has for us. When facing the impossible, we can’t afford to look at whatever is coming against us.
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