Latin America 2014



LATIN AMERICA. From the towering Andes mountain range to the winding Amazon River, it is an area teeming with history and rich cultural traditions. But it is also an area filled with people. These people are the reason that Rhema Bible Training College campuses are strategically placed across the region.

At the end of May, Kenneth and Lynette Hagin visited Rhema campuses across Latin America. They stopped in Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Colombia, and Mexico. In 14 days, they traveled 12,441 air miles, spent 30 hours in the aircraft, crossed three time zones, underwent 13 customs inspections, and ministered around 17 times. Here are some of the exciting things that happened in each location. (Rhema is truly exploding around the world!)

Campina Grande and São Paulo, Brazil

The Brazilian believers Kenneth and Lynette Hagin met in Campina Grande and São Paulo came to every service expecting to receive from God. As Mrs. Lynette noted, they just pulled the "preach" right out of them.

During their time here, the Hagins spoke at three services each. In the mornings, Mrs. Lynette taught on the importance of knowing our Heavenly Father. In São Paulo, she encouraged the people to laugh at the devil. "He is already defeated," she explained. "And we're going to laugh at him!" The audience—some with tears streaming down their faces—began to laugh, dance, and rejoice.

Kenneth W. Hagin kicked off the evening services in Campina Grande by reminding the people to hold fast to their foundation—the Word. "Faith in God's Word will cause you to do what you can't do in the natural," he taught.

As rejoicing broke out across the auditorium, the Lord began to move. Rev. Hagin called forward those having difficulty breathing. One young woman testified that she'd suffered from asthma since she was a small child. But after prayer she could breathe deeply!


The audience... begain to laugh, dance, and rejoice.



Buenos Aires, Argentina

Even before leaving Tulsa,
Kenneth W. Hagin was excited about his visit to Argentina. And while the Hagins were only there for a day and a half, they still taught at three services in two churches.

At the first service, the auditorium was filled to capacity. Chairs flowed into the entrance hall and 300 people filled a separate room where they could watch the service on a big video screen. A church from Uruguay also joined the service live via the Internet. So many people tried to watch online that the church Web page crashed!

"It was a big-time event. To have the Hagins with us was such a big honor," said Sebastian Crudo, one of the Hagins' hosts in Argentina. "It was a dream come true. Something changed in the spiritual atmosphere. The simplicity of the message, but also the depth of it . . . for us, it was the homecoming of our spiritual fathers in the faith."

Lima, Peru

Touchable. That's how Rhema alumni and ministers from all over Peru, Chile, and Spain described Kenneth and Lynette Hagin after their visit to Lima. The Hagins were the featured guest speakers at a four-day seminar hosted by Jim and Faye Andrews, directors of Rhema Bible Training College Peru. And their day in Lima was packed full of ministry.

Mrs. Lynette opened the morning session sharing on Working Together in Ministry. An alumni luncheon followed. Those at the luncheon were invited to stand and march together,
symbolically taking the message of faith to the world. Faye Andrews
noted, "The Holy Spirit filled the room in a mighty way as we marched. We were all in tears as the anointing came on us."

That evening, Kenneth W. Hagin preached a healing message based on Mark chapter 5. Hundreds came forward to have hands laid on them. A number of people reported growths disappearing. One older man came forward using a walker. Later, he walked forward on his own. He'd been healed of broken hips!

"I think the vision of being a family and working together to reach the world with the message of the finished work of Jesus was impacting for all," Faye concluded.

Bogotá, Colombia

Eager attendees filled the auditorium and overflow areas at the church in Bogotá. They couldn't wait to hear from the Hagins in back-to-back

In the first service, Mrs. Lynette shared with ministers, students, and graduates. Kenneth W. Hagin followed that up with a healing service, laying hands on at least 1,800 people. "It was a huge crowd," he recalled. "I had to sit down and recoup in the middle just to be able to continue praying for people."

"It was a very special time of ministry," said John and Alba Romick, directors of Rhema Bible Training College Colombia. "The preaching was with a tremendous authority in the Word of God. It was a time to strengthen our hearts to carry this Gospel into all the world. Everyone was very blessed and edified."

Mexico City, Mexico

Rhema Bible Training College Mexico was one of the first international Rhema campuses to be established. And Kenneth and Lynette Hagin couldn't have been more thrilled to attend the school's 2014 graduation ceremony. This year's graduates came from seven campuses
across Mexico—and they were so excited to meet the Hagins and celebrate with them.

Following graduation, Kenneth W.
Hagin held an evening healing crusade. People were saved, ears were opened, and backs were restored. Eighty percent of the people stood up at the end of the night to testify that they had already received total restoration. One gentleman who had just been diagnosed with cancer accepted Jesus that night. He also reported that his ear opened up just after being prayed for at the altar!

"We want to say thank you to all of Rhema's partners for allowing us to be able to have Pastor and Mrs.
Lynette come down to Mexico," said Rhema Bible Training College Mexico directors Tim and Rhonda Rogers. "It was an awesome, awesome weekend. It's just been such a blessing for us to be hooked up with such a great Rhema family!"