Heart to Heart August 2014

08 wof pic1Now Is the Time to Believe

// Kenneth W. Hagin

Some Christians have the notion that if they believe God for something, it should happen right away. Then if it doesn't, they give up. It's important that we realize our actions today open the doors of opportunity tomorrow. We have been waiting for opportunities to come someday, instead of acting on what we believe today. We have been waiting on God when we should have been confessing God's Word that cannot—and will not—fail us if we'll hold fast to it!

You see, how we believe God today will affect what we receive from Him tomorrow. Remember the children of Israel?Unbelief kept them out of their Promised Land for 40 years. An entire generation of Israelites had to die off before God could lead in a group of people who would take Him at His Word so He could show them His power (Heb. 3:16–19).

Unbelief will keep us out of our promised land too. But God has secured for us a bright future filled with His blessings and goodness. He has done it through Jesus Christ. Jesus paid a great price to save us from eternal damnation, heal our bodies, deliver us from every bondage, and prosper us financially and materially. These things are all available to us today in the here and now—if we'll only believe!

Second Corinthians 6:2 (NIV) says, "NOW is the time of God's favor, NOW is the day of salvation." Our day of deliverance has dawned! And right now is the time for us to take hold of, and begin walking in, the blessings of God!

If you're ready to do that today, this month's issue of the magazine will help stir up your faith. My article on page 4 will cause you to dig deeper into the things of God. And Craig's article on page 28 will rekindle the fire of God on the inside of you.

Don't wait another minute to start believing! Your faith in God's Word is the vehicle that will transport you from where you are now to living the good life!