2013: A Look Back at a Busy Year!

DEC Pic 10//Special Report: A Year in Review

Kenneth W. Hagin often says,
"The natural and the supernatural coming together make an explosive force for God." And 2013 has provided great opportunities for Kenneth Hagin Ministries to help people . . . both spiritually and naturally.

Motivated by Love

"One way to minister is to touch a life that's in need," says Craig W. Hagin. And a string of tornadoes ripping through central Oklahoma in May left plenty of needy lives. Craig and his wife, Mia, searched tirelessly in remote, hard-to-reach areas for people who were largely ignored after the storms.

Over 370 volunteers from Rhema Bible Church donned bright yellow T-shirts to sift through rubble, remove downed trees, and offer prayer and encouraging words. Motivated by God's love, "the yellow shirts," as they came to be known, did whatever they could to bring hope, help, and healing to hurting people.

One family whose home was destroyed by the storms lived in a donated tent for two months in the rain and heat. With their health suffering, they contacted Rhema for help. Through the generosity of a donor, the church provided a mobile home the family could live in while putting their life back together.

Helping Families Start School

For many kids, going back to school means getting new clothes and cool-looking supplies. But the devastating storms left some families with no resources to equip kids for classes. To remedy this, Rhema joined other churches in throwing a special back-to-school celebration. Rhema's part was to give 93 surprised elementary through high school kids $100 Walmart gift cards. The help shocked and amazed young people and their parents. Although many of them are far from being back on their feet, one heavy weight was lifted from their shoulders.

Special Delivery

When a tornado can blow away a brick home, a mere rural mailbox doesn't stand a chance. Because the Postal Service won't deliver mail without a mailbox, some storm victims weren't receiving much-needed government assistance checks. Partnering with Home Depot, Rhema purchased and installed 30 mailboxes at home sites near Little Axe. Though much work remains, with mail arriving again residents drew one step closer to normalcy.

RBTC: A Year of Change and Growth

A key way Kenneth Hagin Ministries shares the Gospel and impacts people's lives is by training men and women to labor in the world's harvest fields. This year, Rhema Bible Training College saw changes to make its work more effective. Rhema USA now offers both September and January enrollments. The school also is newly accredited with Transworld Accrediting Commission International. This organization does not restrict Rhema's Spirit-filled program, curriculum, or instructor qualifications. Rhema also began a revised two-year core program with more third- and fourth-year specialty options.

Rhema's mandate to "go teach My people faith" is bringing rapid growth around the globe, with over 60,000 graduates worldwide. At the time of this printing there are 171 RBTC international campuses in 45 nations.

DEC Pic 9Setting Asia Ablaze With the Power of God

Kenneth W. Hagin and his wife, Lynette, are carrying the Gospel and the message of faith in God throughout the earth. On their spring trip to Asia, they stopped first in Mindanao, Philippines, where he fired up over 1,000 kids attending the Ignition Youth Conference. As the young people keep that flame burning, they'll make an explosive impact for God in the Philippines.

In both Singapore and Indonesia, Rev. Hagin preached on God's healing power, and nearly everyone in the auditoriums came forward to be healed. God demonstrated His mighty power and the sick were healed and the captives set free.

In Bangkok, Thailand, the Hagins wrapped up their 24,000-mile trip by teaching believers who they are in Christ. Christians packed an auditorium to hear four sessions on "in Him" realities.

Lighting Up the Night in Summer and Winter

This year Rockets Over Rhema celebrated a decade of booms, pops, and sizzles. One of eastern Oklahoma's most spectacular fireworks displays, the event helps Rhema both honor Independence Day and give back to the community.

Jesus said, "If I be lifted up, I will draw all men unto me" (John 12:32). From Thanksgiving Eve through New Year's Day, the Rhema USA campus will be aglow again this year with a Christmas lights display that lifts Jesus high. It's estimated that more than 200,000 people will enjoy the dazzling scene created by more than two million lights. Young and old alike are oohing and aahing their way through the shimmering display.

Both at home and abroad, the Hagin family and Kenneth Hagin Ministries worked hard this year sharing the love of Christ with a desperately needy world.

Living Faith Crusades


The Hagins were busy ministering at home, too, holding Living Faith Crusades around the U.S. This year crusades were held in these cities:»Naples, Florida

»Hampton, Virginia
»Topeka, Kansas
»Lexington, Kentucky
»Vancouver, Washington
»Spokane, Washington
»Algood, Tennessee
»Rushville, Illinois
»Dubuque, Iowa

Kenneth and Lynette Hagin's travel schedule would be impossible to keep without the Rhema aircraft. In April, Kenneth Hagin Ministries made the final payment on the plane. The Hagins continue to use the aircraft to spread the Gospel. Heartfelt thanks to everyone who helped make this possible!

Rhema's mandate to "go teach My people faith" is bringing rapid growth around the globe.