Sam Found Her Place... So Can You!

May 13 Pic3Samantha Levy—Sam as she likes to be called—grew up shy and had a lot of insecurities and fears. So coming to RBTC was a huge step for her. She hadn’t even heard of Rhema until 2007. But coming here changed her life!

“Rhema brought me out of a lot of fear. I realized that I’m capable of doing [what God has called me to do.] I no longer worry about the stuff I used to, and I’m happier. To know that people actually care is huge. And Rhema is really big on that . . . we’re there for each other.”

Sam had no idea that she’d end up as a missionary, but that’s exactly what God called her to do. She completed Rhema’s third-year missions program in May 2012, and in January 2013 she moved to Apia, Samoa, to intern at RBTC there. The girl who never liked to get her hands dirty fell in love with the mission field. She loves paperwork, organizing, and ministering one-on-one to those around her—encouraging them as the Lord leads. And she knows she’s exactly where God wants her to be!