Heart to Heart May 2013

May 13 Pic1God’s Road . . . for You!

Sometimes in our lives we want to say, “God, what’s going on?” That’s what I said in 1962 when I got a letter from Uncle Sam telling me I was to be inducted into the U.S. Army. I was in Bible school, and I’d been involved in ministry since I was 18. It didn’t seem logical!

In the Book of Exodus, we read that when the children of Israel left Egypt, God did not lead them on the shortest or easiest route. He did not take them on the road everyone else would have taken.

God took the Israelites on the route that would benefit them the most (Exod. 13:17–18). He took them on the route that would prepare them for the Promised Land. Likewise, looking back now, I see that the training I received working with Army security and communications prepared me for some of the things I do today.

You see, God’s road may not be the one we want to take. It may not be the easiest. But it’s the road He has chosen to get us to our destination successfully.

It’s great to have an education and to have some idea of where we want to go in life and what we want to do. I believe God wants us to understand the road in front of us. But as opportunities come our way, we need to pray and read the Word—our road map—to find out if that’s the road God wants us to go down at that particular time.

There are many roads we can travel. But God wants us to travel on His road of blessing. He wants us to travel on His road of faith, trust, healing, strength, and love. When we do, we will reach our destiny!

If you are graduating from high school or college this month, congratulations. Remember that God is on your side and He will guide you as you travel His road for you!

And as we celebrate Memorial Day this year, let’s remember those who gave their lives so we could live free.