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Frequently Asked Questions | Healing School


Morning Healing School — Currently Discontinued Until Further Notice

What is Healing School?
Healing School is an outreach of Rhema's Prayer and Healing Center. It is a place where the Word of God is taught and the sick are set free and healed. Trained Healing Technicians minister God's Word to those who attend just as a doctor would prescribe treatment. No matter the disease or circumstances, the Word promises an abundant life. Our Healing Technicians are sensitive to the Spirit of God and flow with Him. And based on God's Word, they expect every person to be healed.

What happens in a typical Healing School session?
Morning Healing School covers faith and healing. Teaching is coupled with one-on-one ministry by trained Healing Technicians. Those who attend benefit from an up-close, personal touch. They can ask questions, and Healing Technicians, ministering by the Spirit, can help with specific needs.

How much does it cost to attend Healing School?
Healing School is offered free of charge.

Who can attend Healing School?
Morning sessions of Healing School are open only to the sick and those who accompany them.

When is Healing School held?
Morning Healing School — Currently Discontinued Until Further Notice

How long should I come for?
Each Healing School morning session is specifically targeted to help you receive your healing. So we recommend that you attend for at least a week, Tuesday through Thursday. But we encourage you to come for as many days as possible.

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Can I come for several weeks?
Yes. There is no limit to how long you may attend morning Healing School.

Since morning Healing School is only for the sick and those who need healing, can someone come with me?
Yes. Anyone who comes with you may also attend Healing School.

Do you provide child care?
We do not provide nursery or child care during Healing School services. To help you receive the most out of every session, we recommend that you arrange child care for infants and small children.

My child is in need of healing. Can he/she come to Healing School?
Yes. If your child is the one in need of healing, you may bring him or her to Healing School to receive personal ministry. Or, if you prefer, you may attend alone.

How do I register?
Those who attend morning Healing School will register in the Prayer and Healing Center before the session.

Are there any other services we can attend while we are there?
While you are in town you can attend Revive is on Wednesdays from 11:30 AM -12:30 PM from September to May. (Currently Discontinued Until Further Notice)

Is there a dress code for attending Healing School?
No. We just ask that you dress modestly.

Do you have any lodging on the campus?
No. People who attend Healing School must obtain their own lodging and transportation. There are several hotels close to the campus where you can stay while you are here.

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