RHEMA is Impacting the World

Kenneth W. HaginDear Friend,

Everyone wants to be a part of something greater than himself. We dream of changing the world, making it a better place for us and our children. We dream of making a difference.


In a world filled with fear, oppression, and sickness—a world where people die every day without knowing their Savior—you can make that difference. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to join us in reaching the world for Jesus.

Word Partners are vital members of the RHEMA family. Through their prayers and financial support, they help fulfill God’s plan to save people and set them free. Together, we are reaching across generations, cultures, and nations to share the Good News of Jesus Christ and the message of faith in God with men, women, and children in every corner of the earth.

WPC LogoIf you’ve been helped, strengthened, or blessed through this ministry, we encourage you to become an essential piece of what we do. Become a RHEMA Word Partner and join the adventure. Live the life you were meant to live, leave your mark throughout the earth, and experience the joy and satisfaction that come only with knowing you have made a difference—an eternal difference—in life after life around the world.

In Christ, Kenneth Hagin