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Winter Bible 2011Winter Bible Seminar 2011

The last bit of February snow melted as the first attendees of Winter Bible Seminar 2011 began to arrive. Everyone sighed with relief as the relentless pounding of winter storms gave way to the crisp, fresh smell of spring.

Throughout the week, the RHEMA Bible Church auditorium buzzed with excitement as men and women from across the United States and around the world gathered together. In every service, from the moment the worship team took center stage and the first musical chords were struck, it was evident that WBS 2011 attendees were eager to be ignited by the fire of the Holy Spirit.

So often, people come to seminars seeking a word from the Lord to pull them through the adversity they are facing. But throughout the week, Kenneth and Lynette Hagin eloquently expounded on how the basics of our faith will cause us to triumph over any trial.

Kenneth W. Hagin exhorted the crowd to make much of the blood, for the power of the blood that was shed on Calvary’s Hill is the secret of a powerful life in Christ. Certainly we are redeemed by the blood of the Lamb, but there is so much more to the blood of Jesus than that. We have protection and healing because of the blood. And all of God’s blessings are accessed through the blood of Christ.

In each of her five messages, Lynette Hagin stressed the importance of communing with our Heavenly Father. As we do, He will show us what to do, how to pray, and how to stand. “We’re coming into a new season,” she proclaimed, “so it is vitally important that we stay sensitive to the Holy Spirit.”

After listening to the RBTC instructors who ministered during the Winter Bible Seminar morning sessions, you would have thought they had talked ahead of time to ensure that their messages would dovetail perfectly with each other. But no such discussion took place. The Holy Spirit, Who is so adept at orchestrating the minutest details, gave each speaker the precise message for the hour.

During the Thursday evening service, 29 people had hands laid on them and were ordained for ministry. The occasion was especially poignant for Kenneth W. Hagin as eight former members of the RHEMA Singers and Band were ordained.

Rev. Hagin closed Winter Bible Seminar with a healing service Friday evening. He reminded the congregation that faith activates the power of God. Citing the example of the woman with the issue of blood (Mark 5:25–34), he said that no matter how hopeless our circumstances may appear, they change when we touch Jesus in faith. He then ministered with a strong healing anointing and many testified that they felt an immediate change in their bodies.

Those who came to Winter Bible Seminar 2011 stressed left refreshed. Those who were searching for direction discovered that the light of God’s Word and the Holy Spirit illuminated their path. New friendships were made and old ones rekindled. Everyone who attended would agree that Winter Bible Seminar was the place to be during the last week of February.