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About RCBS


The RCBS study program allows you to pay for one lesson at a time and to complete lessons at your own pace.


  • Each unit of study contains four to seven lessons.
  • Units of study may be completed in any order.
  • You must complete all of the lessons in one unit before beginning another unit.

Example: If you are working on the six-lesson Charismatic Truths unit, do not request another unit until all six lessons in the Charismatic Truths unit have been completed. Each unit of study must be completed in full.


  • After completing all of the lessons in each unit, you will receive a certificate of completion for that unit.
  • When all six units are completed, an RCBS diploma will be awarded to you.


Thousands of RCBS students and graduates from around the globe send in their testimonies of how RCBS has
changed their lives, helping them grow in their relationship with God and His Word.

  • “Thank you all who work at RCBS. Since 1996, I have taken courses and have enjoyed studying the Word so I can show others Who Jesus is and help others do His will.”—C.S., Indiana
  • “ Thanks so much for the RCBS courses. Truly, they are an eye-opener to me concerning the truth and power in the Word of God. Through this study, I can now take authority over Satan and his demons, and it is working. I practice what I am learning from the course. I communicate what I am learning from you to others, and we are edified.” —M.O., Nigeria
  • “ I have now completed all six units of the course. It has been such a joy and a great accomplishment for me. I always anxiously awaited my next unit of study. Thank you so much for the RCBS course, which allows people like me to study the Word of God at home. I am expressing a grateful ‘thank you’!”—A.K., North Dakota


For your convenience, you may register in one of the following ways:

  • Call toll-free 1-866-481-7227.
  • Visit our Web site——24 hours a day.
  • Fax your completed application form to (918) 872-7711.
  • Mail your completed application form with payment to:
RHEMA Correspondence Bible School
P.O. Box 50220
Tulsa, OK 74150-0220

When registering, select your desired first unit of study. Please note that you will not receive all the lessons for a unit at once—a maximum of two lessons are issued at a time.

Example: If you sign up for the six-lesson Charismatic Truths unit, the maximum number of lessons you may purchase at one time is two. Therefore, you would send $95.00*—$25.00 for the nonrefundable one-time registration fee, and $70.00 for the first two lessons of the unit. (*U.S. residents only. Canadian and other foreign rates are shown on the application form.)

Note: RHEMA Bible Training College and RHEMA Correspondence Bible School are two separate schools with different purposes and the credits are not transferable from one to the other. The training college is an intensive on-campus school designed to train individuals for full-time ministry. The correspondence school is a home-study course for the layman to gain basic knowledge of the Bible.