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UpcomingEvents KTF2020  

Kindle The Flame
September 24-26, 2020

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A Call to Arms
November 5-6, 2020

Winter Bible Seminar 2011- Wednesday

Kenneth W. HaginWednesday, February 23. In the 8:30 a.m. session Karen Jensen encouraged her hearers to get God’s direction for their lives. She urged them to trust their ability to know the voice of God. “Stop believing how you feel,” she said. “Stop believing what you’ve done before. Don’t believe more in your mistakes than you do in the Word of God.”

Craig W. Hagin opened the 9:30 a.m. service by mentioning flying on an airplane and hearing the pilot say over the intercom, “We can’t land yet. We are in a holding pattern.” He compared that to the way some Christians live their lives. “A lot of Christians right now are in a holding pattern. They have been waiting for God to do something in their lives. But I believe God is waiting on us to do something.”