Tips for Leaders

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STAFF AND VOLUNTEERS: How to Get ’Em How to Keep ’Em

Understanding Today’s Volunteers

Times have changed, and it’s imperative for leaders to recognize that today’s volunteers are very different from the volunteers of a few years ago.


Working Together in Ministry: Pastors and Leaders Share Their Views

Working Together>>Working Together in Ministry: Pastors and Leaders Share Their Views

Part 2

Most pastors and leaders in the church would say, “Yes, we want more good helpers!” But what makes a good helper and how do leaders develop them? In this issue, pastors address questions and issues about staff and volunteers, and offer solutions that can build up a ministry’s workforce—so we can all work together effectively for God.
(See our Spring/Summer 2007 issue for part one of this article: “Staff and Volunteers Share Their Views.”)


The Bottom Line

Doug Jones>>The Bottom Line

True Bible Leadership

DOUG JONES | RMAI/RAA National Director

As you know, the Spring/Summer 2007 issue of Connections focused on the theme of “Working Together in Ministry” from the helps minister’s viewpoint. In this edition, we’re addressing this issue from the leadership’s viewpoint, and discussing how leaders can breathe health and life into their relationships with those who serve with them in ministry.

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