Jefter & Gabriella Kashiwakura

Kashiwakura Jefter-Gabriella


Jefter and Gabriella are the pastors of Word of Life Church in Tokyo. Growing up in Brazil, since his early teenager years, Jefter understood his calling to go to the nations. Japan was the country in his heart. He graduated from Rhema Brazil in 2010 and, since 2013, has been living in Japan as a missionary. He has helped with the implementation of Rhema Japan, in the Yamanashi prefecture. In 2016, he helped plant Word of Life churches in the Japanese cities of Okazaki and Showa. Gabriella graduated in Rhema Brazil in 2014. In 2017, she went to Broken Arrow, OK to study at the Rhema Bible Training College USA. That experience changed her life and represented the beginning of her missionary journey.

In 2019, they moved to Tokyo to start the Word of Life Church in the capital of Japan, following the calling to teach the Word of Faith to the Japanese people and Asians living in Tokyo. The church services are in Japanese and English. They have weekly evangelistic services called “Blue Sky Services”, which are held in open air and at a local park, in order to attract people passing by. They also monthly promote English Conversation Classes that are free and open for the community, using the English language as a powerful strategy for evangelism.

Both Jefter and Gabriella are teachers at Rhema Japan and Word of Life Bible School.

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