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Josie Rogers

IRAQJosie Rogers

After working three years in Brazil and two of those years doing evangelistic and pioneering work among the indigenous Ticuna tribe of the Brazilian, Colombian and Peruvian Amazon, Josie Rogers then moved to Namulanda, Uganda.  For one year she helped pastor SN Church and help run the ministry. Josie helped strengthen the local church through discipleship, preaching, teaching, evangelism and trained up leaders. She also helped strengthen the Abaana project which is helping children get an education as well as daily food provision. Now, Josie has relocated to Erbil, Iraq to work alongside of the Pickett family and the work they have established. She will be helping with their fellowship, the various Syrian refugee projects, humanitarian projects among the Iraqi and Kurdish people and anything else they need. Please keep Josie in prayer as she steps into this new season and in this new region of the world. 




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