Mauro & Connie Girgenti

ITALYMauro and Connie Girgenti

Good News Ministries


Mauro and Connie have been pastoring for more than 30 years and they are committed to help people come to the fullness of God’s potential in their lives. Since 1994, as missionaries, they have taken the Gospel to Italy, Europe and Northern Africa. So far, four churches have been established within Italy.

Mauro and Connie are the National Directors of Rhema Bible Training Center, Italy, which currently has three campuses in the nation. Their goal is to have a Rhema church, established by Bible School graduates, in every major city in Italy.

In order to help fulfill their mission, they also oversee the translation and printing of Christian literature and teaching materials. With over 45 book titles to date, they have been instrumental in bringing the Gospel “in Italian print” to many Italian speaking communities around the world.

They are also building a network of Italian ministers and churches throughout Italy and beyond by holding conferences, seminars and leadership meetings. Another aspect of their ministry extends to helping foster homes and orphanages in northern Italy, as well as sending books into the Italian prisons.

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