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Children's Ministry

  • Children's Ministry Volunteers That Stick – by Jim Wideman.

Health & Fitness

For exercise

  • Fitness for Dummies – by Liz Neporent. Practical, fun, friendly fitness help
  • 8 Minutes in the Morning – by Jorge Cruise. Strength training
  • ACSM Fitness Book – by the American College of Sports Medicine.  
  • Faithfully fit – by Claire Cloninger & Laura Barr. 40-day devotional plan

For eating right

  • The Complete Idiot's Guide to Total Nutrition – Make the right food choices.
  • Eat This, Not That – Which foods are good for you, which ones aren't.
  • Eat and Stay Thin – by Joyce Meyer
  • “I Can Do This” Diet – by Dr. Don Colbert
  • The Best Life Diet – by Bob Greene

For cooking right

  • Fit Food - Eating Well for Life - by Ellen Haas. 
  • The New Holly Clegg Trim and Terrific Cookbookby Holly Clegg.
  • Fix It and Forget It Lightly Cookbook – by Phyllis Pellman Good. 

Leaders / Leadership

  • The Greatest Psychologist Who Ever Lived: Jesus and the Wisdom of the Soul – by Mark W. Baker. A guide for living for everyone who wants to grow.
  • Visioneeringby Andy Stanley. How to engineer a clear, God-ordained vision for each role of your life.
  • A Tale of Three Kings – by Gene Edwards. Based on the biblical figures of David, Saul, and Absalom, this book can bring light, clarity, and comfort to the brokenhearted.
  • What I Learned While Destroying a Church – by Gerald Brooks.  8 mistakes that destroyed a church, and the lessons learned.
  • Leadership That Builds People - by Dr. James Richards.  Rediscover your call.
  • One Size Doesn't Fit All – by Gary McIntosh. Dynamics of growth within  different styles of churches. 
  • Domestic Violence: What Every Pastor Needs to Know – by Rev. Al Miles.
  • Building Leaders: Developing Leaders at Every Level of Your Church- by Aubrey Malphurs and Will Mancini.
  • The Five Star ChurchServing God and His People With Excellence - by Stan Toler & Alan Nelson.
  • In Search of Excellence: Lessons from America's Best Run Companies – by Thomas J. Peters Rand Robert H. Waterman.
  • Bringing Out the Best in PeopleHow to Enjoy Helping Others Excel – by Alan Loy McGinnis.
  • Children's Ministry Volunteers That Stick – by Jim Wideman.
  • Secrets of Staying Power – Kevin A. Miller. Keys to endurance in ministry.
  • Making the Most of Mistakes – James. D. Berkley. Facing failures, damage control, counsel for recovery, how to restore ministry and winning victory out of defeat.
  • The Difference Maker: Making Your Attitude Your Greatest Asset – by John Maxwell.
  • Ordering Your Private World - by Gordon MacDonald.  How to live life from the inside out, cultivating the inner victory necessary for public effectiveness.
  • Ministry Momentum– by Wayne Schmidt. How to sense where God is leading and mobilize His people to follow.
  • Safe People - by Dr. Henry Cloud & Dr. John Townsend. How to find relationships that are good for you and avoid those that aren't.
  • Failing Forward – by John Maxwell.  Look at your failures as stepping stones rather than stop signs.
  • The Gospel According to Starbucks: Living With a Grande Passion – by Leonard Sweet. How the church can connect with people
  • How to Build a Small Groups Ministry by Neal F. McBride
  • Making Small Groups Workby Henry Cloud & John Townsend

Marriage and Family

  • Marriage on the Rock - by Jimmy Evans
  • Love and Respect - by Emmerson Eggerichs
  • The Five Love Languages – Gary Chapman          
  • His Needs, Her Needs  –William F. Harley, Jr.
  • For Better or For Best – Gary Smalley
  • Built to Last: How to Build Strong & Lasting Relationships - by Kenneth W. Hagin
  • The Love Dare – Stephen & Alex Kendrick
  • Surviving an Affair - by Willard F. Harley / Jennifer Harley Chalmers.
  • Torn Asunder: Recovering from Extramarital Affairs - By Dave Carder

To change your thinking about money:

  • Rich Dad, Poor Dad – Robert Kiyosaki
  • The Richest Man in Babylon – George Clason
  • The Five Things a Millionaire Taught Me About Life and Wealth – Richard Paul Evans
  • The Courage to be Rich – Suze Orman
  • The Millionaire Next Door – Thomas Stanley & William Danko

To help with debt reduction and budgeting:

  • Total Money Makeover – Dave Ramsey
  • The Automatic Millionaire – David Bach
  • Debt Proof Living – Mary Hunt
  • Family Finances: Making and Managing Money – Joe McGee ('80, '81)
  • Debt Free Living – Larry Burkettt

To teach your children about money:

  • Rich Kid, Smart Kid: Giving Your Child a Financial Head Start – Robert Kiyosaki
  • Clark Smart Parents, Clark Smart Kids: Teaching Kids of Every Age the Value of Money – Clark Howard

If you're heading for retirement:

  • Your Money After the Big 5-0 – Dave Ramsey
  • Start Late, Finish Rich – David Bach
  • Biblical Strategies to Financial Freedom - Dustin & Anissa LaPorte

Church finances

  • Making Your Church's Money Work: Achieving Financial Integrity in Your Congregation - by John Temple


  • Every Man's/Woman's/Young Man's/Young Woman's Battle - by Stephen Arterburn and Fred Stoeker. Winning the war on sexual temptation one victory at a time.
  • False Intimacy - Understanding the Struggle of Sexual Addiction - by Dr. Harry W. Schaumburg. What is sexual addiction, causes, prevention, help for families and hope for the  addict.
  • Pure Desire - How One Man's Triumph Can Help Others Break Free - by Ted Roberts. Hope and healing for those who want to break free from sexual addiction.
  • Betrayal of Trust – Sexualff Misconduct in the Pastorate - by Stanley J. Grenz & Roy D. Bell. Maintaining one's spiritual life.   


For men:

  • Faithful & True - by Mark Laaser. A workbook for groups and individuals about sexual integrity in a fallen world.


For women:

  • Living With Your Husband's Secret Wars - by Marsha Means. Specific, proactive steps a wife can take to give support, overcome betrayal, and focus on spiritual growth. 

For restoring marriages:

  • I Surrender All: Rebuilding a Marriage Broken by Pornography - by Clay & Renee Crosse and Mark A. Tabb. Their story with the prayer that it will help countless other marriages.


For restoring those who have fallen into sin:

  • Restoring the Fallen - by Earl & Sandy Wilson/Paul & Virginia Friesen/Larry & Nancy Paulson. A new model to restore Christians when they've fallen into sin.
  • Ordering Your Private World series - by Gordon MacDonald. How to live life from the inside out, cultivating the inner victory necessary for public effectiveness.


  • Table for One by Camerin Courtney
  • Boundaries in Dating by Henry Cloud and John Townsend
  • His Rules by Christopher Birge ('00, '01, '02)
  • Single and Loving It by Kate McVeigh ('86, '87)
  • Marriage, Divorce, and Remarriage by Rev. Kenneth E. Hagin
  • Built to Last: How to Build Strong & Lasting Relationships by Pastor Kenneth W. Hagin
  • Kids Hope by Gary Sprague
  • Healing the Scars of Emotional Abuse by Greg Jantz
  • Radical Recovery: Transforming the Despair of Your Divorce by Suzy B
  • Psalms for the Single Mom by Lisa Hussey
  • Hope & Help for the Single Mom by Lori Little
  • Twentysomethingby Margaret Feinberg
  • 20/30 Series Bible studies for young adults
  • Starting a Single Adult Ministry by Sue Nilson & Andy Morgan
  • Giving the Ministry Away by Rich Hurst and Terry Hershey
  • The Idea Catalog by Jerry Jones
  • Creative Weekends by Paul Petersen
  • Reaching Singles Adults by Dennis Franck
  • Single Focus – Understanding Single Adults by George Barna

Soul Winning/ Outreach

  • Bringing Out the Best in PeopleHow to Enjoy Helping Others Excel – by Alan Loy McGinnis.
  • Servolution: Starting a Church Revolution Through Serving - by Dino Rizzo
  • Conspiracy of Kindness: A Unique Approach to Sharing the Love of Jesus - by Steve Sjogren
  • Go! - by Joe Cameneti ('82, '83) - Taking Jesus to the world.
  • Sharing Your Faith- by Kate McVeigh ('86, '87). Simple steps to lead people to Christ.
  • Tactics: A Game Plan for Discussing Your Christian Convictions - by Gregory Koukl. A guide to a new method of sharing your faith with others.
  • Dare 2: A Field Guide to Sharing Your Faith - by Greg Stier
  • Transforming Discipleship - by Greg Ogden. Looks at Jesus' method of disciplingby in a few people at a time.
  • Explicit Gospel - by Matt Chandler. A call to true Christianity: knowing the gospel explicitly, to unite the church and reach the lost.
  • Sharing Your Faith Made Easy - by Mark Water. Dozens of helpful witnessing tips and step-by-step guidance for communicating the Gospel.
  • Deep & Wide - by Andy Stanley. Creating churches that unchurched people love to attend.
  • Making Church Relevant - by Dale Galloway. The first step to winning unchurched    people. Includes 'every-member ministry', missionary in your community.
  • Comeback Churches - by Ed Stetzer. A study of300 churches from across 10 denominations that achieved healthy evangelistic growth after a season of decline.






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