Faith Food Devotional

With Long Life

May 19, 2022

"The days of our years are threescore years and ten; and if by reason of strength they be fourscore years" (Ps. 90:10).

"With long life will I satisfy him, and shew him my salvation" (Ps. 91:16).

If Jesus tarries His coming, I don't mind telling you at all, I'll live to a great age. And I'll know before I go. I will tell everyone good-bye and before I leave here, I'll look over there and say, "There it is, folks. And I'm going. I want to leave you all shouting and happy, because that's the way I'm going."

"But, Brother Hagin, you can't ever tell."

Oh yes, you can! You can have what God said you can have. We've got a better covenant than Israel had. If it was God's plan for Israel, who were servants, not sons, and who lived under a covenant not as good as ours to live out their full length of time with no sickness, then what a plan God must have for us, the sons of God!

If God didn't want His servants sick, I don't believe He wants His sons sick!

I believe it is the plan of God our Father that no believer should ever be sick, and that every believer should live his full length of time if Jesus tarries, to fall asleep in Jesus.

Confession: I can believe God for anything His Word promises. I can believe God for a long, productive life. If Jesus tarries, I will live out my days in His service without sickness and disease!

Source: Faith Food Devotions by Kenneth E. Hagin.
Excerpt permission granted by Faith Library Publications