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Remember: Your Words Can Conquer Mountains

NewsPic WordsArticle"No matter the size of anything we face, Jesus told us how to conquer it."

//Kenneth W. Hagin

History tells us that when some early American settlers reached the Rocky Mountains, they wouldn't go any farther. Crossing these mountains seemed impossible to them. They became dismayed at the enormity of their challenge. Some settled on the eastern slope of the Rockies, and others turned around and headed back home.

Everyone Encounters Mountains

Just as these settlers faced physical mountains, people today are confronted with figurative mountains: problems, difficulties, hardships, and impossibilities. Encountering mountains, or difficulties in life, is inevitable. We all come across them. No one is problem free. Some of our "mountains" are big like the Rockies, and some are small like the Ozarks.

Hardships, like mountains, can seem permanent. They try to tell us that they have been around a long time and we can't do anything about them. And like mountains, they can seem intimidating. But we must not allow any difficulty or hardship to intimidate us. No matter the size of anything we face, Jesus told us how to conquer it.

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