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  • Lynette Hagin Kindle the Flame
    Lynette Hagin
  • Patsy Cameneti Kindle the Flame
    Patsy Cameneti

Schedule for 2017 to be announced closer to event date



Conference Speakers for 2017 to be announced closer to event

Lynette Hagin

  • Author, teacher, and conference speaker and host
  • Serves as director of Rhema Bible Training College USA and general manager of Kenneth Hagin Ministries
  • Assists her husband, Kenneth W. Hagin, in pastoring Rhema Bible Church and conducting Living Faith Crusades around the world
  • Co-hosts Rhema Praise, a weekly television broadcast, and Rhema for Today, a weekday radio program
  • Seeks to help people succeed in life by sharing a life-changing, powerful message: "You can make it!"
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Patsy Cameneti

  • Serves as Director of Rhema Bible Training College Australia and Pastor of Rhema Family Church alongside her husband, Tony
  • Began her teaching ministry in 1977 and helped establish Bible schools in Italy, Singapore, and Australia
  • Ministers powerfully on prayer and inspires believers to develop their own real and passionate relationship with God
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Kindle the Flame is not just another women's conference! It's an investment in yourself . . . a special time set aside for you to hear from God. When you come to this conference, come expecting to get answers to any questions you may have. And plan on being strengthened, refreshed, and re-energized. Our purpose is to ignite that spark of divine purpose within you. You can do everything God has called you to do while balancing being a godly woman, wife, and mother. And you can do it with joy!

Gearing Up for the Future

Kindle the Flame is not your average women's conference. And the ladies who attend aren't average either. They come expecting to hear from God. They come expecting to receive His direction for their future. As ladies kept their expectation high this year, they got what they came for.

Throughout the three-day conference, ladies learned how to overcome every situation of life by taking baby steps with God. They discovered that peace should be the very foundation of all that they do. Women were also encouraged to love themselves, to see themselves the way God sees them. They learned to drink deeply of the rivers of God in order to move into His plans and purposes for their lives. And they took their places as members of God's special forces, armed with the Word, prayer, and Holy Ghost power. As Lynette Hagin told the ladies, "We are here on this earth for such a time as this! It's time for us to gear up."


Here's just a taste of what women experienced during this awesome weekend.
Be sure to join us next year for Kindle the Flame 2017, to be held September 28-30 on the Rhema campus in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. 

Kindle the Flame Speaker Highlights

"Our foundation must be established on Mark 11:22, "Have faith in God." We have to believe that God is and that He always will be. He has to be our number one priority in life." // Lynette Hagin

"You will never be able to do what God asks of you by yourself. God never gives out assignments small enough to be done without help." // Haley Schurz

"We have an amazing authority that has been given to us in Christ. We are to represent Him on the earth, and we can't do it without power." // Patsy Cameneti

"We are the glorious church; we're supposed to be full of the joy of the Lord. When our joy leaks out, so does our strength." // Brenda Thomas

"Go and bring the Good News to the prodigal sons and daughters that God is a God of restoration. Be His instrument to bring the prodigals back." // Lynette Hagin, Candlelight Prayer and Praise Service




Online registration begins closer to the event. Please check back then.

We are so excited that you are interested in bringing a group to Kindle the Flame 2015! It does take some extra work, but great things happen when we are in one accord. Here's just a few of the benefits. You will:

  • Create unity. It's no secret . . . when we work together, we're able to accomplish so much more, not only in our families but in our churches.
  • Enjoy late-night hotel talks and fun. Isn't that what we girls do best!?!
  • Share ministry time within your group. You'll have the opportunity to get together after services and share how God has ministered to each one of you.
  • Get special seating and registration perks for groups of 15 or more. That's right . . . you'll avoid those long lines!
  • Build a support group. We all need help at times. The relationships your group develops at Kindle the Flame will see them through difficulties for years to come.
  • Fellowship over delicious luncheons. You'll get to meet ladies from all over the U.S. and around the world . . . and eat delectable desserts!

Take the First Step!

Assign a group coordinator. Choose someone who can keep the group organized both prior to and during the conference. If you are a pastor or pastor's wife, we encourage you to let someone else handle this responsibility. This is a time for you to get away and be refreshed, as well as build relationships with other ministers.


Tools to use

The Kindle the Flame Women's Conference began in September 2001. But the dream for this conference was placed in the heart of Rev. Lynette Hagin more than 25 years earlier. Read about the conference's beginnings in her own words:

A Dream Fulfilled

Lynette Hagin

In 1974, my place in ministry had seemingly disappeared. My children were young, Rhema Bible Training College had just started, and my husband was quite busy taking care of the school. I began earnestly praying, "Lord, what do You have planned for me?"

As I prayed day after day, the Lord began to drop some things in my heart. And when I was 29 years old, He revealed to me that I would someday host a conference for women.

Over the years, I protected the dream God had given me, hiding His instructions in my heart. In my mind, I figured the plan would take shape when I turned 40. Forty came and went, and the Lord didn't say, "Go ye!" Then 50 came and went, and there was still no "Go ye." I thought, God, this is wonderful! Maybe You were only testing my willingness to obey You.

You see, when the Lord first spoke to me during that time of prayer, I didn't want to hold a women's meeting. I had seen too many women's groups get off-base doctrinally and become "hyper-spiritual," neglecting their homes and families.

‘Now Is the Time’

For many years, I wrestled with the Lord's instructions. But every time I began to pray out the steps of my life and ministry, I always ended up praying about ministering to women! Of course, I finally yielded and said, "Okay, I'll do it." And in 2001, the Lord said, "Now is the time!"

I said, "Lord, You will have to show me the plan. You will have to show me what I'm to do." (Although God had told me that one of my callings would be ministering to women, He had not given me the specific plan to fulfill that call.)

It was then that God said He would gather an army of women around me. The United States Army has always been close to my heart because my husband served in that branch of the military, so I understood the analogy. I thought, "Yes, Lord, I know how to lead an army of women. If that's what You want me to do, I can do it!"

Women of Balance

God showed me that the army of women would need to know how to balance being a godly woman, wife, and mother and that they would need to know how to balance their divine calling with all that these roles entailed. These women would be called, even as Queen Esther was called, for such a time as this (Esther 4:14).

As you can imagine, the first night of the first Kindle the Flame Women's Conference in 2001 was a special night for me. I witnessed the Lord bringing to pass something He had placed in my heart 25 years earlier.

Now, each September, women from across the nation and the world gather on the Rhema campus for the event that has become one of my greatest joys. My goal with this conference is to help women fulfill the plan that God has given them. I want to ignite sparks of divine purpose within them so they can return to their families, jobs, and daily lives with fresh enthusiasm.

I truly believe God has a special purpose for women at this time and in this hour! Each and every one of us is called. And if we will totally rely on the Lord, we will accomplish what He has called us to do.

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