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Navigating the Adventure of Life: Conference Review

The 2016 A Call to Arms Men's Conference was nothing short of amazing! For three days, men from around the world heard life-changing truths, uplifting messages, and experienced powerful times of worship. They gained tools to help them successfully sail the ocean of life and handle the wind and waves of adversity.

The fired-up men left better equipped to guide their marriages, children, finances, and careers. They also learned how to be a godly voice in government.

Here's a sample of what men experienced this year. Be sure to join us next year for A Call to Arms 2017, to be held November 2-4 on the Rhema USA campus in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma.

A Call to Arms Speaker Highlights

"The Holy Spirit is the best navigator. He knows the way to victory every time. Even if the path doesn't look like it's the right way to go, if you continue following Him, you will come out on top!" // Kenneth W. Hagin

"When you know what's on the inside of you, you become Superman. It's not because you are powerful; it's because you've put your trust in an all powerful God." // Craig W. Hagin

"There is a champion mentality missing today that David and Abraham had. They were covenant minded. If we're in the army of the Lord, let's arise. Let's man up. Let's get that mentality back." // Chip Brim

"What does it mean when we stand behind the pulpit and don't love everybody? We've got to get this right, and I believe it starts with men of God. We are the light of the world." // Steve Houpe