Thank You Word Partner Club Members!

JessicaK picJessica
2nd Year Student From Alaska
What a blessing you [partners] are! I would say 75 percent of us students wouldn't come if the tuition wasn't as low as it is. I mean, it's still a big chunk for a lot of us. You can't work those nine to fives because three hours out of your day is taken up for school. So without your support and help, there's no way the ministry would be able to do what it's doing, and be able to pour into these students who will go out and preach the Gospel.

You might not see it, but you're the vital part. You're the heartbeat of the ministry. Because without your support and prayers, there's no way this would go on. There's absolutely no way that Rhema Bible Training College would be able to have the big effect that it does on the world now—without you.


Pang J picJames
1st Year Student From Canada
You are doing a really good thing [to support Rhema]. The foundation you get here [is amazing]. There are people who just don't know [the truths of God's Word], and they're walking in all the light they can. But Rhema gives you a lot of light in a very short time. It's strongly anointed. Rhema really does change the world.




Guerra M picMiguel
1st Year Student From Guatemala
I encourage you to be led by the Holy Spirit [when you give]. In the Bible, it says that when you give to someone, you give to [God]. And I know God's talking to people to help [students] who came here to Rhema to go and preach the Gospel to the nations. We need that kind of support here. We need that to make the coming of the Lord [happen more quickly].





Jind J picJai
1st Year Student From Canada
I'm a Word Partner Club member. I have been since before I came to Rhema because of a Rhema grad in [Peru]. [This grad] . . . radically changed both [my life] and that of another brother [who didn't know the Lord]. Our destinies [went] from darkness to light—hell to Heaven. And now we're both going to Rhema. Just that one grad changed that much. Just one guy!

So I understand the impact, and for me, supporting Rhema is my priority in investment. [I know that] the wisest place to put my money is in an organization that actually produces change in the world. The Gospel, when it's properly presented and demonstrated will change nations . . . will change the world. Rhema does that. The students . . . when they get [going] . . . there's no stopping them!