WPC LogoListen to what a few people have to say about Rhema's impact on their life!

"We are so blessed to be able to watch RHEMA Praise online! We can feed our spirit with right teaching and be encouraged."

—Kazumasa and Naomi Inagaki, Kobe, Japan

"Thank you for your prayer request line. I called recently for prayer for my 13-year-old niece. Her finger was smashed in a freak accident at school. The doctor said the finger would have to be amputated. I called for the prayer of agreement, and the woman who prayed with me was wonderful. . . . The finger is steadily returning to complete restoration. Thank you for providing this lifeline of support!"

—Jordan Graham, via the Internet

"Since I was a small child, I have experienced a deep hunger for the things of God, and much of the early teaching that I received was through some of your books that I discovered one day in my grandparents' home. Since then, because of your books, monthly magazine, and radio program, I have built a strong spiritual foundation and grown greatly in my faith. I now plan to devote my life to the Lord's ministry. . . . You will not know until Heaven how many lives you changed through your ministry."

—Rebecca Beardshear, Hubbard, Nebraska

"I had a call to be a missionary from the time I was small. But I had nothing to say. Brother Hagin taught me the Bible, and from the time I graduated from RHEMA Bible Training Center in 1985, I have been on the mission field in Africa. I would never have been able to fulfill my calling without the Word you gave me. I'm so grateful!"

—Melinda Koehler, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

"Recently, a beloved sister in the Lord was admitted to the hospital. I went to see her there, and she was doing quite badly. I selected Word of Faith magazines with testimonies of healings like the one entitled 'She Will Live and Not Die' and handed them to her. The lady's faith was so rekindled by the testimonies therein that within a short time, she was healed! God is using your magazine to minister to many brethren."

—Moses Kibe Kihiko, Nairobi, Kenya

"My boss had been fighting cancer for about two years. I gave him Brother Hagin's book Health Food. The Lord really opened my boss's eyes to divine healing, and within a few weeks, he received his healing. He is now going to purchase 15 copies of Health Food and give them to people who are sick."

—Philip Nelson, via the Internet