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Andrew and Aida Weaver

Andrés con las mariposasMEXICO

      In May of 1994 Andrew Weaver arrived in Mexico to start his career in prison ministry. He lived in Monterrey for eight years and then moved to Aguascalientes (in central Mexico) where he continued his prison ministry. He ministers by teaching the Bible and in song (using Mexican style music) in the two Aguascalientes prisons. Much of his ministry is to drug addicts and alcoholics, since, according to the prison officials, about 70% of the men who are in prison are there because of substance abuse.
      Rev.Weaver is now working closely with a Christian drug and alcohol rehab center. Andrew has a bible study in their men's home every week. He also has bible studies in the homes of the families of the prisoners. Rev. Weaver is now starting his own business to give the men employment when they get out of prison. Through that he can disciple them. He urges them very strongly to attend the church of this drug and alcohol rehab center when they are released from prison, because this church understands the problems of these men much better than a normal church would. He has preached in the church services there a number of times.


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