Denise M. (Moore) Crabtree

Crabtree Denise 2Ghana, West Africa


Denise Crabtree is a 2007 graduate of Rhema School of World  Missions.  Before graduation, she had been on several  short-term "construction type" mission trips into  Central America.  Since graduation, God has expanded her  horizons to Europe, Asia, Haiti, South America and several  countries in Africa.  Denise has served in an orphanage,  taught in Bible Schools and spoken to the children and youth  in many private and government schools.  She has ministered  at Leadership Conferences, Women's Conferences and  Marriage and Family Conferences.  Recently, God has started  using Denise to minister healing to His people.  Denise has a great heart to help the people of the local churches to KNOW the Love of  God and the Power of His Forgiveness which will lead them to  desire spiritual growth and to be fruitful for His  Kingdom.

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