Nancy Jaspersen

Jaspersen NancyENGLAND

Rhema UK & Ireland


Nancy is an ’04 graduate of Rhema Bible College in Supportive Ministry and an ’05 graduate of Rhema School of World Missions.

Previously, she served for 3 years in Lusaka Zambia, under Pastors Walker and Haley Schurz, Pastors of Miracle Life Family Church and Directors of Rhema Zambia, as a supportive minister with an emphasis in administration.

Nancy is currently under the leadership of Kevin and Susan Fletcher, Directors of Rhema UK and Ireland. Her life was forever changed by the Word of Faith and the Authority of the Believer, and her passion is to help take this message to the world. Nancy plays a vital role on the Rhema UK and Ireland Team by providing office and administrative support for Rhema UK & Ireland, Rhema Bible College and also Rhema Family Church. She spends a good deal of time behind the scenes, where she manages the database, keeps up with student records and student communication, and coordinates textbooks, printing and other materials for all Rhema Bible College campuses. Additionally, Nancy serves as an RBC Campus Coordinator, and assists with administrative duties in Rhema Family Church.









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