Tom & Irena Lilliendahl

tom and irena lilliendahlCzech Republic, Europe

Tom and Irena have an exciting ministry that focuses on Romany families in the Jeseniky Mountains of the Czech Republic. Their contact with the Czech Republic began in 1992. Tom and Irena are now involved with a church of about fifty in Velka Kras, plus a community center; which mirrors their focus on the spiritual life of these families and their involvement in community affairs, fixing up the neighborhoods and helping to provide practical teaching for the betterment of the Romany people. The Lilliendahl's have also started a community center in a nearby town of Siroky Brod.

They also help provide missionary opportunities to Bible School graduates, sponsoring evangelistic crusades, English camps, and concerts, all with an evangelistic thrust. With the help of these teams, they have helped local churches to grow, due to a concentrated evangelistic effort. Their hearts are for the Kingdom of God, so while they belong to a fellowship of churches called the New Hope churches of the Czech Republic, they go wherever the Holy Spirit leads them to help.


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