Karen Cedergren

karen cedergrenAGAPE Christian Centre

Switzerland, Europe

After graduating from RHEMA in '83, Karen spent over 10 years co-founding, teaching in and administering a Bible School in the Philippines. Today, the Bible school, Rhema Christian Center Philippines Inc., (, is led by graduates of the school and is still successfully turning out ministers of the Gospel, well-trained in the Word of Faith. Karen continues to serve that ministry as an original board member. (The Bible school welcomes guest teachers so if you are interested in guest teaching there, please contact Karen for more information.)

In 1995, Karen founded AGAPE Christian Centre in Zurich, Switzerland. AGAPE is a multi-national English-speaking church with satellite ministeries in the Swiss cities of Bern, Basel and Herisau. We are reaching "whosoever will" as both German-speaking Swiss and English-speaking people from over a dozen different nationalities call AGAPE home. Come by and visit us!


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