Narhari & Lata Thorat

narhari and lata thoratINDIA

The Lord's Delight Ministries / RHEMA India


Narhari and Lata are located in the Central part of India, in the city of Nagpur. They are the Directors of RHEMA India. Every year they train about 150-160 students coming from 20 states of India and three or four neighboring countries. About 10 to 12 RHEMA USA graduates come to teach in their Bible School. From 1992 to 2009 they have trained 2270 graduates who are working in 27 states of India and four neighboring countries.

The Thorats also have Peace of Life Church, which has a membership of 300 people, and they have cell groups in 23 villages. They have also started a Health program for needy people, sewing classes for unemployed women, literacy classes, and pre-schools for small children in different villages.


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