Edwin Hicks

Edwin HicksIndonesia


My wife and I met in 1993 at Rhema Bible Training Center. We began ministering together in Indonesia in 1996 and moved there in 1997.

By Grace, through the years, I learned to preach in the Indonesian language, traveled and preached on more than 10 islands holding revivals and conferences, started a church, began spreading the Gospel through the means of television, and daily devotions through internet services.

Our television program is broadcasted in the North Sulawesi area through two television stations. People from different life styles and religions have also testified of watching the program.

Since September 29, 2011, our television program (Called 2 Win) began airing its programs twice a week in the English language in the USA also through “The Faith Network” that serves 7 television/cable stations that airs its programs in parts of Virginia, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Maryland. During each and every program we invite people to pray a prayer of salvation.  I normally return to the States each year and travel and minister the Word there also.

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