South America


John & Alba Romick

john and alba romick

Rhema Colombia

Colombia, South America

Rhema Colombia is dedicated to sending out full Gospel workers to the Harvest field of Latin America. John & his wife Alba have been full time missionaries in Latin America since September of 1984. John Romick is the senior Pastor of Iglesia de Colombia (church of Colombia) and they are directors of Rhema Colombia and Rhema/CEBCO; an interdenominational Bible school with over 3,200 students currently enrolled throughout Colombia, Costa Rica and Argentina. They also oversee a ministerial association (IGLECAM), and a book publishing house (PCI).
Mission Colombia desires to touch people throughout Latin America with the glorious Gospel of the Lord Jesus. Pastor John�s passion is to encourage and exhort the Body of Christ to reach out to a lost and dying world.
They have three children, John David, Daniel, and Samuel.

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