Google url shortener

If you send URL's to others and you want to track how many open that link use 'Google url shortener'

Best way to utilize all the power of this service is to:

a) Log into your Google account - To obtain a free Google account go to:
b) Go to
c) Paste your URL into the available text box and press the "Shorten" tab
d) Copy the shortened url to your clipboard, paste it into an email or website

Once you have embedded your shortened url…then log back into your Google account - go to the Google url Shortener webpage. Once there, you will be able to see how many 'clicks' that url has received. Each click means the url was visited by one person.

You can not tell who clicked on the url but you can tell how many and what day, week, month or all time. If you click the 'Details' it will give you some great info also. Check it out - it is amazing……

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